Xiaomi 70mai is a smart Dash Cam which can take snaps and record videos in FullHD resolution. It uses a High Definition Sony sensor and comes with a bunch of useful features like Voice Control, Remote Access through the app, collision recording etc. To know more about it check out our complete Xiaomi 70mai review.


     FullHD video recording.

     Easy and Simple installation.

     Compact and Sturdy Design.

     Crystal clear video recording during the night.

     Ability to be controlled through voice commands.

     Ability to be controlled through the smartphone app.

     Loop recording for automatically recording videos in case of an accident.


     The Voice control and the smartphone app doesn’t work at the same time.

     If you access the Album in the app, the Dash Cam will stop recording. Although, that’s okay as you will need to stop the car anyway before checking the album.

Unboxing the Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam

The Xiaomi 70mai comes in a Black color box which looks quite premium. On top, you will the “70mai” logo embossed in Gold adding a charm to the already premium aesthetics. Apart from that, you can find the link to the official website on the sides of the box embossed in gold as well. The package isn’t too heavy as it weighs only 232 gram and has the dimensions 4.72 x 4.13 x 1.61 inches.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 1

Opening up the package, inside the first thing you will find the 70mai dash cam itself nested inside the folded panels. The folded panel can be opened revealing the following stuff:

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 2

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 3

     Power Cable

     Car Charger

     User manual

     Electrostatic Sticker

Overall, the packaging is quite premium. The Black color of the box looks cool with Gold embossed brand logo.

70mai Design and Build Quality

The first thing that I noticed right after unboxing the 70mai is how small and compact it is. Obviously, a dash cam is supposed to be small and compact to avoid any interference with the vision while driving. It has a circular rod design and is made of soft-to-touch black matte plastic.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 4

The dash cam weighs only 70 grams and despite that, it feels very durable and sturdy.

The 70mai Dash cam comes with only a single button which is located on one of the circular ends It is encircled by a Glowing ring which changes color depending upon various (discussed in the later section) scenarios.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 5

On the other end, there is slot for a MicroSD card which is required to store all the videos recorded. The MicroSD card is required although it does not come with the dash cam. The camera is on the front which consists of a 2 Megapixel Sony sensor and right next to it is the Speaker.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 6

The Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam is designed to withstand extremely Hot and Cold weather ranging from -20 to 60 Degree Celsius. Overall, I really liked the compact design and premium build quality of the 70mai Dash Cam.


Installing the 70mai Dash Cam in the car is a simple process which can be broken down into few steps-

     Since the Dash cam needs to be installed in the center for the maximum coverage, the recommended area is installing it near the rearview mirror. Clean the area to remove any dust or smudges.

     Peel off the Electrostatic sticker and apply it to the selected area. Remove air bubbles if any.

     Remove the protective layer from the mounting bracket and press it against the Electrostatic sticker. Press it tightly and make sure that the camera is parallel to the ground.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 7

     Fix the Power cable along the edges of the windshield and insert the cable into the power adapter. Insert the Power Adapter into the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle which is present in different locations depending on the car’s model so you may need to adjust the cabling accordingly.

Here are some tips for installation:

     Insert the MicroSD card before install it on the windshield as the slot will be hidden by the rearview mirror.

     Install it at the left side of the rearview mirror so that the driver can see the indicator.

     If you need to remove it, please remove the Electrostatic sticker together. If the electrostatic sticker cannot stick on the windshield, you can apply some water on it.

70mai Mobile Application

One of the main features of the 70mai Dash Cam is the ability to connect with your smartphone so you can control various actions through your smartphone. All you need to do is install the “70mai Dash Cam” application on your smartphone which is available for Android and iOS. Once installed, you will need to register using your EmailID and other details.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 8

To add the Dash Cam, touch the “Add New” icon. It will scan for the Cam’s hotspot and prompt you to connect with it (Default Pass-12345678). Make sure that the Dash Cam is plugged in properly and is turned ON. You will hear a voice indicating you to press the Power Button to authenticate the connection.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 9

Once connected with your smartphone, you can see the live feed from the camera in your mobile and you can also trigger Video recording or capture images. Another thing which you can do with the app is downloading the videos or photos locally to your smartphone which allows you to free some storage on the microSD card.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 10

You can also change the Cam setting like the sensitivity of the G-sensor, Speaker volume, Turn the Sound recording ON/OFF, change the WIFI password and more. It also allows you to update the firmware on 70mai Dash Cam if the update package is available. Overall, the mobile app makes it even more convenient to use the Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam.

Status Indicator and Voice Commands

When the 70mai is turned ON, the status indicator around the Power Key glows. Depending on the color of the indicator, these can be observed.

     RED- Error in Recording

     GREEN- Normally Recording

     BLUE- ON but not Recording

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 11

Another thing which the status indicator can do is Flashing which means that the Dash Cam is executing a temporary task. The temporary tasks are-

     RED- Low Battery Warning

     GREEN- Recording an Emergency Video

     BLUE- Formatting TF Card, Updating Firmware, Receiving update package, Restoring Default settings, etc.

What really impressed us is the fact that 70mai accept voice controls which makes it easy and convenient to use. You don’t have to reach for any button while driving or take out your smartphone to turn ON the recording. All you need to do is say out the predefined Voice commands and the Dash Cam will perform the action accordingly.

Usability and Performance

The Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam is equipped with 2 Megapixel Sony IMX323 image sensor which is capable of recording FullHD 1920x1080 videos. It has a 130-degree field of view which is plenty wide to capture everything on the road and the 1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components allows capturing clear images and videos during the night. During our review period, we installed the camera in our car and captured some images and videos. You can check the quality in the images and videos attached below.

Xiaomi 70mai Review | Feature Rich Dash Cam for your Car Photo 12

While the Dash Cam does support voice commands and app control, you don’t truly need them to record an accident. The 70mai uses a feature called Loop Recording which means it keeps recording and deleting 1-minute videos if there is no command from the user’s end. Thus in case of an accident, the Dash Cam automatically records the moment and prevents the loop from overwriting it. The recorded footage will be saved for future use.

Although, you can manually trigger video recording or capture an image anytime using either the Voice Commands or the mobile app. However, make sure that a proper MicroSD card is inserted in the Dash Cam. It supports a MicroSD card of 16GB to 64GB Class 10 card. Also, after inserting the card in the Cam, format it using the smartphone app. There is a built-in battery in the Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam which only allows you to save the last video if the power is lost during a road accident. Hence, make sure that the Dash Cam is always plugged in.


The Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam is no doubt a must have for every car owner. It’s not only a feature-rich Dash Cam which will help your record videos for insurance and other purposes, but it’s also light on your pocket. The 70mai comes with plenty of features like Voice control, Loop recording, remote access through smartphone app etc. Also, the build quality feels really premium for the price. The sensor used in the Dash Cam is capable of recording High Definition videos no matter if it’s Day or Night which is really important for a Dash Cam. Hence, the Xiaomi 70mai is one of the products which we undoubtedly recommends.

Click here to have a try, Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam!

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