I am a photography enthusiast. I have SLR camera, micro single camera, polaroid camera, motion camera and so on. I like to use these cameras to record beautiful things in my spare time. Although VR cameras have been popular for a while, this is my first experience with them. Next, let me share with you my experience of using Insta360 Air VR panoramic camera.


In terms of appearance, Insta360 Air camera adopts circular design, which can be directly plugged into the USB interface of the phone. Because the weight of the whole machine is only 26.5g, it is very light, so it will not increase the burden of holding, and the quality of photos and video will be higher.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android Review Photo 1

In addition to its stylish look, the Insta360 Air also has strong technical specs. Insta360 Air VR camera built-in two 210 ° wide-angle lens (F2.4 aperture), can take 3K (3008 x 1504) resolution photos and 2K resolution (2560 x 1280) video, at the same time support to adjust the shutter speed.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android Review Photo 2

This camera can take a variety of creative panoramic photos, the most interesting of which is the "earth mode". It can "focus" everything in a 360-degree range on the same photo, it's really interesting.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android Review Photo 3

Picture Quality

The advantage of this panoramic camera is that it is small, doesn't need to be powered independently, and can shoot up to 3K panoramic video. Usually 1280P picture quality is used, which is also convenient for post-production. After shooting, you can choose to share the original film or select the Angle of view to export the file. To share the original film, video website supporting VR video is required to display the effect of 360-degree panorama. If you select the edit Angle export, there is no panorama effect, just a super wide Angle video, this mode is suitable for highlighting the subject.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android Review Photo 4

Of course, the most common way is to use Insta360 app for sharing. Sharing to social media in this way will generate a link, click on the link to see the panoramic effect of the photo or video. At the same time, Insta360 app also has its own animation editor, which can process panoramic photos into video with automatic change of perspective, so that we don't need to drag and drop to watch them manually.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android Review Photo 5



Small volume;

Moderate price;

No need to charge, convenient to use;

USB Typc C interface and Micro USB interface;

Picture quality up to 3K, enough to meet daily use.


There is no iOS version;

No independent flash memory;

When using it, you need to turn the phone upside down;

Pictures and video need to be stored in the phone. If you shoot 3K video, the memory size of the phone is required to be high.

Insta360 Air 360° 3K VR Camera for Android (Micro USB) $69.99 with Free shipping, 46% off Amazon Feb 18


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good product

Feb 20 Reply
Feb 19 Reply

Nice camera, it is so good for vlogging

Feb 16 Reply

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