In the previous article, I have shared some hottest cosmetic instruments classified in different types. Today, I will share another kind of cosmetic instruments following the preceding article, that is RF (Radio frequency).

The principle of this kind of instrumen is using a high-frequency current that can reach the dermis layer and reorder the collagen cells. The vacancies between the collagens will be filled with elasticity, and the produced high heat energy will stimulate the dermis to produce new collagen fibers. In short, the biggest effect of this kind of instrument is to tighten the skin and dilute the fine lines.

It is no need to do manual massage for this instrument, and you just need to displace the instrument to change the using part. There will be blushing and fever phenomenon when using, so the effect of against slack and wrinkles is very good and obvious. However, we must pay attention to do the massage step by step in order to let the skin adapt.

1. YAMAN Multi-function Beauty Instrument Hello Kitty Edition

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 1

This one is the latest upgraded version, with not only a pink Hello Kitty limited packaging, but also an addition of eye mode to the original 5 modes i.e. clean, moisturizing, EMS, red light, cold compress, which can solve the problems of skin around eyes more precise and meticulous.

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 2

The functions like inport and export function of electric ions, the RF pull function of EMS mode, the principle of micro current used in eye mode, and the LED light power applied to the red light mode, even the cold compress function is included. It is really a very versatile instrument.

Match different skin care products to different modes, when using the inport and export mode, you can use the cotton pad and water or lotion to assist. You can also use it while applying the mask, which can help your skin absorb the skin care products better.

2. Panasonic EH-XRF1 Ultrasonic RF Cosmetic Instrument

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 3

This cosmetic instrument takes advantage of the dual effects of ultrasonic and radio frequency, allowing you to get hospital-level beauty treatments at home.

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 4

Ultrasonic energy can generate high-frequency vibration, which has strong penetrating power and can soften skin tissue, improve metabolism, and make the macromolecular components in skin care products be absorbed better, which is not possible by manual application. Meanwhile 1MHz ultrasonic is safer and more effective to stimulate collagen proliferation by physical means.

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 54-pole concentrated radio frequency, the high-energy concentrated RF can reach the deep layer of the skin, promote the production of collagen, restore the skin support, thus achieving the effect of firming the skin and resisting aging and relaxation.

When you use this instrument, pay attention to apply the special gel at the same time, and ensure that the probe fits tightly to the skin, so that the lifting action has a certain driving force.

2018 Hottest Cosmetic Instruments Part 2 Photo 6

The effect of cosmetic instrument differs from different persons. The only thing you need to know is skin care need persistance. Do you have other recommendation about cosmetic instruments or using experience? Please feel free to leave a comment and share it with me!


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