Time flies, we came to 2019. I wish you all a happy new year! When it comes to new year, even the beauty products on the dresser have to be replaced by several products. The major brands release many new arrivals. We have already found them for you and these are the new products that are most worth buying in 2019.


The ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE series of Guerlain from France has always been a representative of luxury skin care. For this series, Guerlain poured its most precious orchid extract, which can care for the skin and give you the most comprehensive care. This orchid mask will provide your skin with plenty of nutrients and moisture to achieve a balanced water and oil condition. At the same time, it can reshape the contours of the skin. After using it each time, you can clearly feel the skin is tighter.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 1

The optimal frequency of use of this mask is once or twice a week as part of your daily night care. After applying the mask, place your hands on both sides of the chin and massage slowly from bottom to top until the eye area. Then massage with your hands from the sides of the nose parallel to the sides of the ears to promote absorption while activating the energy in the mask.

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Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Complete Care The Mask .5 oz $194.42 eBay Jan 07


In addition to depicting the character of people, the perfume can also reflect a person’s attitude towards life. The fresh floral notes will give your body a lively and natural girly atmosphere. CHANEL Chance Eau Tender is such a perfume. In 2019, Chanel reinterpreted the meaning of Chance Eau Tender. The iconic floral and fruity notes are more mellow and prosperous that become a new tool for girls to show confidence.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 4

Exotic jasmine essential oil becomes the most prominent odor of the perfume. The middle note is rose scent, which is blended with the perfect white musk scent. The whole smell is pure and innocent, lively and dynamic.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 5

The golden bottleneck is matched with a silver bottle cap, which complements each other.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 6

CHANCE EAU TENDRE by Chanel Eau de Toilette EDT $145 eBay Jan 07


“Women want to get everything from lipstick. They are used to long-lasting, although the comfort will be greatly reduced. Because of this, they are eager for light, breathable lip makeup.”

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 8

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is the first incredibly long-wearing lipstick with the comfort of a lip ink.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 9

Each color has a distinctive character, and girls can choose their own according to their preferences or the meaning of the lipstick.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 10



Paris L'Oreal lip gloss can be described as one of the star products in the lip gloss world. The matte makeup lasts long and not dry. Almost every girl should have one. This is a limited edition of Miss Chocolate.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 12

Based on the most popular chocolate tones, four unforgettable colors have been derived. Maybe you feel it is not suitable for yourself, in fact, they are easy matching. No matter what skin color you are, with any one of these four colors, you can portray your own style.

5. NINA RICCI Luna Blossom

Nina and Luna Blossom are the perfumes that suit for good girlfriends. Both of them are sweety floral scent that is perfect for girls.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 13

Nina is a fresh apple fragrance with a citrus, lemon scent, and finally cedar and white musk as finish, which is a little sweet but not greasy.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 14

The aroma of Luna Blossom is even more sexy, with the scent of jasmine, magnolia and peony. With a refreshing lemon and pear, it is lighter and more comfortable. Its bottom notes are the same as Nina that is also cedar wood and white musk.

Nina Ricci Luna Blossom Eau De Toilette Spray $71.50 eBay Jan 07

6. Miller Harris PERFUMER LONDON

Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece Tender Is the Night, the two perfumers interpret the same chapter in it.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 16

The perfume is full of energy and suits for women who have stories.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 17

The fragrance of the black rose is full of enthusiasm, and the narcissus is fresh. Sweet orange notes add a touch of cute. The rich purple artemisia is intoxicating, and several fragrances are mixed together, as if to tell a moving story.

Top 6 New Beauty Products in 2019 Photo 18


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