To be continued.

6. Dad hat, newsboy hcap and service cap

Nina Ricci's 2018 spring collection showcases the aesthetic style of military uniforms. This collection is the gift of the coolest spring-summer hat trend of the year, the military-style hat actually has a fairly clear look and shape.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 1

Emilio Pucci showed the curved edge dad hat, which quickly became the trend. Thanks to its comfort, it once again triggered the fashion trend.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 2

7. Headcloth or headscarf

Veronica Beard and Marc Jacobs showcase different types of headscarves for spring and summer. Marc Jacobs's silk scarves vary in color and pattern, and these colors and patterns are tied by African, Middle Eastern and African American styles, some of which were also popular in the 1970s. Although there was no direct reference as a source of inspiration, it was speculated that the patterns would not lie.

Veronica's beard style headscarf is simply changing the previous style, the top is open, similar to the headband. Versace also has a butterfly pattern scarf that to complete the head-to-toe print design.

Versace designed a number of dynamic trends through the Spring Collection. The Mini Versace Medal appeared in several popular series, which is another entry point for this spring and summer hat trend.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 3

8. Sunhat

The sunhat is the perfect summer hat to block your eyes from the sun, and it's clear that fashion designers know this very well because they make sure the sunhat put in the top spring summer hat trend list, provide a choice of sporty and luxurious.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 4

We saw countless sports fashion hats in this season's fashion show, such as the plastic version from Christian Dior. The elegant sunhat made by Akris is the most versatile design of the summer sun hat in 2018.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 5

People's comfort provides two explanations for this trend, a bright yellow satin sun hat and a bare straw hat over the headscarf. In the summer of 2018, the most creative sunhat designed by Yohji Yamamoto appeared, half of which was a classic hat and the other half was a sunhat.

9. Rainhat

Whether you call it a rainhat or a raincap, you definitely have one for the spring and summer. Fortunately, some cute rain caps have replaced this spring and summer hat trend.

The white PVC rain hat from MSGM of Italy may be the most practical one because it perfectly protects your eyes and hair and keeps it from getting wet. On the other hand, Alberta Ferretti and Arthur Arbesser chose a black classic rainhat to match any outfit that was worn this spring.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 6

10. Oversized hat

From oversized bags to oversized outfits, everything has grown even bigger in this spring, including summer hats. This may not be the most practical headwear trend in this spring, but it does ensure you stand out from the crowd meanwhile not only protecting your head from direct sunlight, but also protecting the entire body!

Perhaps the largest size hat in the spring of 2018 appeared in Jacquemus, where we saw a variety of straw hats that became the focus of the T-stage. Missoni's soft hat and Saint Laurent's elegant black hat are also oversized and can be used as the best choice for a British wedding.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 7

11. Cowboy hat

We already know that cowboy boots are the leader in the spring and summer of 2018, but in order to show your cowboy spirit, you certainly need a cowboy hat. We saw a lot of cowboy hats that can be chosen in the spring collections. It is safe to say that cowboy hats are popular in spring and summer.

Italy's Elisabetta Franchi's wide-brimmed cowboy hat is embellished with pearls, giving off a strong femininity, making it a great match for your elegant look. Versace's cowboy hat is also a bit embellished. This hat has a gold medal that Versace symbolizes pride.

In the House of Holland, cowboy hats have become subtler, and millennial pink has been used to make straw hats younger and enviable.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 8

12. Bowler hat

The inspiration for perfect creativity is the sympathy of masculinity, and the bowler cap is one of the most elegant summer hat. This kind of hat can immediately improve even the simplest appearance, and can also put a lot of noble elegance into the combination of practical jeans and pure white tops.

Although Elisabetta Franchi and Christian Dior launched a classic hat in the spring, Yohji Yamamoto once again reached the top and launched a half-top hat, the other half was completely cut off.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 9

13. Small decorative hats

Although most of the hats in the summer of 2018 can not only decorate your appearance, but also achieve the main purpose of sun protection, in some fashion shows there are also some small decorative hats, mainly adding a touch of personality to the overall appearance of the model.

Prada's military cap looks very exciting and perfectly matches the military style of the model.

Part Two: Inventory of 2018 Fashion Headwears Photo 10

Here is the inventory of 2018 fashion headwears. Hope this article will help you to be fashionable.


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