ZENS PI Portable Glass Tea Set

ZENS PI Portable Glass Tea Set

Vertical Teapot and Glass Cup Set You Will Not Find Anywhere Else
Nov 12,2018 Start
Dec 12,2018 Deadline
Nov 12,2018 Start
Dec 12,2018 Deadline
MSRP: US$59.90

Product overview

What is π? We all know it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. However, Zens Lifestyle make the concept of π become a cup. You always say you are busy, but you still can sit down, having a cup of tranquil tea. Drinking tea is good for health and both old people and the young should drink tea. PI is very lightweight and only weighs 180g, without unbearable weights. It is not tall with a 155mm height and not fat with a 251mm waistline. With integrated design, press the outlet button and tea will flow down into the cup. The holder is of two-layer glass to prevent scalding. Single-glazing rim is convenient for drinking. Ideal to bring your own loose tea leafs with you. 7 parts, taking down and making up, make cleaning so easy. See all the Household BLACKFRIDAY deal here. 


Lighweight: 180g, easy to carry.

Glass Teapot on the top, makes the separate tea making technology makes tea color crystal-clear.

Double-walled Cup (bottom) insulates you from boiling hot tea and water.

Stainless Steel Filter (middle) shows the separate tea making technology.

Silicone Mid-section avoids slipping.

EVA Travel Case: Bring it anywhere, anytime.

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    Nov 12,2018 / 08:35:01

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Comments (308)
Ashok Kumar Muthusamy

I am a Tea Lover and would love to sip the variety of tea using the Glass tea set.

Dec 12, 2018
Bambam Bagz

This is the best for camping and for everyday use! wherever you are!

Dec 11, 2018
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