Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Wireless Fast Charging/ Separate Magnetic Suction LED Night Light
Feb 26,2019 Start
Mar 26,2019 Deadline
Feb 26,2019 Start
Mar 26,2019 Deadline

Product overview

Yeelight wireless charging night light is an innovative combination of small night light and mobile phone wireless charging, both the two functions are of great value.


1. Using imported chipset, wireless quick charging technology, smart compatibility, let mobile phone charging become handle.

2. The safety design of the mainboard adopts overshoot protection and current and voltage stabilization design to ensure the safety of charging.

3. Detachable magnetic suction design, can rely on magnetic adsorption on the surface of household appliances.

4. Use 2700K comfortable warm light color temperature light, will not have a dazzling feeling during the night.

5. The wireless charging board can charge the night ight, one charge of 3-4 hours. Warm yellow duration of illumination up to 24 hours, cold white duration of lighting up to 11 hours.

Time line (GMT+0)

  • Published

    Feb 26,2019 / 08:57:18

  • Apply start

    Feb 26,2019 / 09:30:00

  • Deadline

    Mar 26,2019 / 09:30:00

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    Apr 26,2019 / 09:30:00


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Comments (93)

This Xiwomi wireless charger features metal foreign object detection protection, Xiaomi wireless charger (universal fast charge version) stable sensing distance of up to 4mm, even with a protective cover can be charged . Various safety protection measures such as temperature protection and input overvoltage protection are adopted to ensure the safety of the equipment during the entire charging process. LED indicator, smart tips. Made of silicone material with comfortable touch, which not only increases friction and shock absorption effect. Moreover Xiaomi products are always well made and cost efficient or we can say affordable. I like Xiaomi and often buy Xiaomi products. Thus I'd like to have a chance to win Xiaomi product.

Mar 26

Hello I am 50 years old and I would like to test this product for its technology, ease of use, etc. You may not have anyone representing my age group in testing this product, I hope you consider me.

Mar 25
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