Meizu HALO Laser flash Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Meizu HALO Laser flash Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Built-in Laser Light in the Cable, Three Buttons Control
Jan 15,2019 Start
Feb 14,2019 Deadline
Jan 15,2019 Start
Feb 14,2019 Deadline
MSRP: US$199.99


Product overview

MEIZU HALO Laser Bluetooth Headset has 360° delicate highlighting, arbitraty lines. HALO combines light and sound, so that the rhythm is not trapped in your ears. Your music is visible from this point of view. 


1.360° degree fine highlights, arbitrary lines. Break the bondage of sounds in the past, and inntegrate light and sound.

2.High quality fiber optics and laser light source ensure the headphone cable is light and thin.

3.The 1.2m luminous line, combined with sliding magnetic wire control, brings full freedom of wear and winding. With three light effect modes, interpretation of personality.

4.Soft, skin-friendly earhook and high-quality silicone earplugs for extra comfort and stability.

5.When lighting music, the headset will bring an average of 5 hours of flashing light. When you turn off the laser, you have 15 hours of long life for you to listen quietly.

Time line (GMT+0)

  • Published

    Jan 15,2019 / 06:50:00

  • Apply start

    Jan 15,2019 / 08:43:00

  • Deadline

    Feb 14,2019 / 08:43:00

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    Mar 31,2019 / 08:43:00


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I have done feedbacks and reviews for few other websites also. I have 1500+ followers on Facebook and 350+ followers on Instagram with whom I'm gonna share my review of this product and I'm also starting a YouTube channel for product reviews. I would review the product based on physical appearance, features, hardware quality, using experience, performance, functional tests, endurance, easiness to use and weather it is worth the money or not. I love to review new tech. Please provide me a chance. Regards

Feb 14
Tech Temple

Hi I would review this product on my YouTube channel and would love to test the product as well as its sound quality. I would also share about on my social media accounts . Thanks

Feb 13
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