LifeSmart Modular Quantum Light

LifeSmart Modular Quantum Light

An Ambient Light Supporting Split Joint and Color Changing
Nov 09,2018 Start
Dec 09,2018 Deadline
Nov 09,2018 Start
Dec 09,2018 Deadline

Product overview

This product from LifeSmart is full of high-tech feeling and creativity. So, what is it? Quantum Light is an ambient light supporting split joint and color changing. It can be placed on the table or installed as background wall, suspended ceiling, etc. The shape and structure can be created by your own preference. Its unique functions like changing color with music, voice control bring intelligent playing into lighting system, providing dining, living and so many other scenes with various experiences. The main body of it is in 86×74.5×30.5mm size.


Split and joint, infinite expansion

16,000,000 colors

Color changing along with music

Selected color, customized color

Voice control

How to use (have or have not)

1. For first purchase, official recommendation is to start with basic kit including one controller and three light blocks.

2. There are touch buttons on the front and back of the controller, you may press and hold the touch button to close the light.

3. Please make sure the mobile device and quantum light are under the same local network to ensure the color changes with music.

Time line (GMT+0)

  • Published

    Nov 09,2018 / 09:49:04

  • Apply start

    Nov 09,2018 / 10:30:00

  • Deadline

    Dec 09,2018 / 10:30:00

  • Submit review before

    Dec 24,2018 / 10:30:00


Review Guideline:

1. The review needs to be clear and logical. (You can follow our recommended review structure: Product Appearance and Features, Using Experience, Functional Test, Advantage & Disadvantage, Suggestion and Final Verdict)

2. ValueQ do not accept plagiarism and copyright infringement. All reviews must be original.

3. Reviewers are required to provide a 500+ word written review with at least 5 clear images within 7 days of receipt of the product.

Comments (1071)
Gonçalo Torres

I am interested to try it. It's very cool

Dec 21, 2018
A Qadeer

To the best produt for review. Perfectly uses for at night

Dec 08, 2018
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