Google Pixel USB-C earbuds

Google Pixel USB-C earbuds

Smooth Sound, Smart Style. Get Real-time Translations
Oct 15,2018 Start
Nov 16,2018 Deadline
Oct 15,2018 Start
Nov 16,2018 Deadline
MSRP: US$30.00

Product overview

The Pixel USB-C earbuds allow for real-time Google Translate via the Google Translate app and retain the same loop architecture. What's more, the USB-C earbuds support 24-bit audio playback. Listeners can ask Google Assistant for directions, to set reminders, send texts, and more. Additionally, users may receive notification updates. The inclusion of USB-C earbuds is appreciated, but the provided dongle is preferred for those avoiding the USB-C audio mess. Plus, it trumps Apple's dongle misstep and reduces latency by 53 percent. Not to mention that the Google dongle reduces power consumption, resulting in 38 percent more playback time.

The product is very compact, Earbud height: .63 in (15.9mm). Earbud diameter: .65 in (16.5 mm). Cord length: 44 in (1123 mm). Weight: ~15g (.5 oz). Package Contents: Pixel USB-C earbuds with remote (includes microphone and volume, audio, call and Google Assistant control).

The better sound changes everything. Immerse yourself in the clear sound of 24-bit digital audio. Adjustable loops help each earbud fit comfortably and securely.

Press for help: Get directions, answers and info with your Google Assistant.1 Just press and hold the black button on your remote.

Stay up to date: Get the latest without touching your phone. Press and hold the “volume up” button to hear your latest notifications.

Get real-time translations: Communicate in over 40 languages with in-ear help from Google Translate. Just press and hold the black button and say “Hey Google, help me speak Japanese.”

Time line (GMT+0)

  • Published

    Oct 15,2018 / 10:15:43

  • Apply start

    Oct 15,2018 / 10:40:00

  • Deadline

    Nov 16,2018 / 10:40:00

  • Submit review before

    Dec 06,2018 / 10:40:00


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I have done feedbacks and reviews for few other websites also. I have 1500+ followers on Facebook and 350+ followers on Instagram with whom I'm gonna share my review of this product and I'm also starting a YouTube channel for product reviews. I would review the product based on physical appearance, features, hardware quality, using experience, performance, functional tests, endurance, easiness to use and weather it is worth the money or not. I love to review new tech. Please provide me a chance. Regards

Nov 18, 2018

No English Subtitles needed

Nov 16, 2018
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