Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock

Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock

To Have A Clock And A Light At The Same Time
Jan 04,2019 Start
Feb 03,2019 Deadline
Jan 04,2019 Start
Feb 03,2019 Deadline


Product overview

A smart and stylish space saving way to have a clock and a light at the same time either on your bedside, desks and vanities,which with simple flip control, toggling the alarm and night light. This Edge Light Alarm Clock features a built-in rechargeable battery, 2 alarms, and a unique on/off system.


1. Unique on/off system: to turn off the alarm, simply turn the Edge around and it automatically turns itself into a warm, soft, cozy dimmable ambient light.

2. Built-in rechargeable battery (including USB charging adapter cable).

3. 2 alarms with shake/touch-snooze and dimmable soft screen light (to be able to see the time when needed at night without disturbing your sleep).

4. Charging time: approx 3 hours

5. Battery life after one charge: 5-6 months (alarm only), 17.5 hours (alarm+bright light), 160 hours (alarm+dimmed light).

Time line (GMT+0)

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    Jan 04,2019 / 09:41:46

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    Jan 04,2019 / 10:08:00

  • Deadline

    Feb 03,2019 / 10:08:00

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    Mar 30,2019 / 10:08:00


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Владимир Лунёв-77ab15

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Feb 03

I want to review the product on my YouTube channel... I trust you that I will give 100% optimistic review for your website... channel link --

Feb 03
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