Baseus Spider Suction Cup Wireless Charger

Baseus Spider Suction Cup Wireless Charger

Fixed by Suckers, Accurate and Stable Charging
Jan 18,2019 Start
Feb 17,2019 Deadline
Jan 18,2019 Start
Feb 17,2019 Deadline


Product overview

Suction cup adsorption positioning & Charging does not affect hand operations.


1. Wireless charging in a new mode: no hand blocking any more when playing games. 

2. Fixed by suckers, accurate and stable charging: Coupled induction between wireless charger and mobile phone, direct corresponding, no worry about poor contact. 

3. 10W used for wireless charging of Andior mobile phones including Samsung, etc. 

4. 7.5W used for stable quick charging of iphone8/8 plus/X. 

5. 5W used for trickle wireless charging for protection of batteries. 

6. This wireless charger firm suction by 8 silicone suckers, never dropiing out, no displacement. 

7. Lightweight & small size; Simple charging & easy hand carrying.

Time line (GMT+0)

  • Published

    Jan 18,2019 / 08:25:06

  • Apply start

    Jan 18,2019 / 08:30:00

  • Deadline

    Feb 17,2019 / 08:30:00

  • Submit review before

    Mar 05,2019 / 08:30:00


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Feb 16

Hello sir, I'm a youtuber . On youtube i unbox products, and give review about that product. If I'm able to get your product i will unbox it and give review of your product.

Feb 16
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