Most frequently asked questions

Q: How to apply?

1. Visit our website;

2. Select the product (pay attention to Giveaway application time);

3. Click “Apply”, fill in your profile, write the reason why we should choose you in the Notes.

Q: How many winners do you select?

A: Number of winners may vary depending on Giveaway product. Please check the status below Giveaway product to see the number of winners. “Quantity” means the number of products available for Giveaway, i.e. the number of winners.➡Sing in➡Click profile photo (right upper corner)➡Giveaways➡Quantity.

Q: When will I get the results?​

​✔ Check application closing date:➡Sing in➡Click profile photo (right upper corner)➡Giveaways➡ Check your Giveaway status (written below the product).
("NN days left" means that in NN days application will be closed).

​✔ After application is closed, the Giveaway status will change to "Screening Candidates" (usually takes 5-7 days).

✔ After we select a Winner, the Giveaway status will change to "Winner".
Just visit Giveaway detail page to see the Winner.

Q: How will you inform applicants about Giveaway results?

A: After Product Testing is closed we will publish Winner's name on our website on Giveaway detail page (➡Sing in➡Click profile photo (right upper corner)➡Giveaways➡ click Giveaway product). We also contact winners by email.

Q: How to become a winner?

A: All the applicants have equal chances to become a Winner.
​Winners are selected by our Giveaway team, so in order to increase your chances make sure to fill in your profile, write more information in the Notes.

If you have experience in writing product reviews, you are interested in high tech or you would like to test a product for the first time, please mention it. The more information you provide, the more chances you get.

Usually our team selects 10-15 candidates on the basis of Notes and Profile details and then sends emails to candidates to ask additional questions. We also have Facebook Groups, active users in these groups have better chances to get a product for free testing.

Hope this information will be helpful.

If you might have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by Messenger!

Good luck!

ValueQ Team

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