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VIVO V15 - Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun Vivo Indonesia

Processor MTK P70
2.1GHz octa-core(4*A73 2.1GHz,4*A53 2.0GHz )
Storage 64GB ROM (Supports microSD Card up to 256GB)
battery 4000mAh
Color Royal Blue, Glamour Red
Operating System Funtouch OS 9 ( Based on Android 9.0)
Dimensions 161.97×75.93×8.54mm
Weight 189.5g
Fast Charging Dual-Engine Fast Charging (9V 2A)
Screen 19.5:9, FHD+
Resolution 1080×2340
Type Incell
Touch Screen 2.5D glass (GG5, Fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glassn)
2 Nano SIM and 1 microSD Card
Band 2G GSM B2/3/5/8
3G WCDMA B1/5/8
4G FDD-LTE B1/3/5/8
4G TDD-LTE B38/40/41
Network Types Dual SIM and Dual Standby
Camera "Front: 32MP
Rear: 12MP(24 million photosensitive units)+8MP + 5MP"
Aperture "Front: f/2.0
Rear: f/1.78+f/2.2+f/2.4"
Flash Rear Flash
Hi-Fi None(Do not promote)
Audio Playback MP3, MP2, AMR-NB, MIDI, Vorbis, APE,FLAC
Video Playback MP4, 3GP, AVI
Video Recording Formats MP4
Recording Supported
WIFI Supported 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
GPS Supported
OTG Supported
NFC None(Do not promote)
FM Supported
Location GPS, GLONASS, Beidou

Di Dalam Kotak
Kabel USB
Adaptor Daya USB
Ejektor SIM
Case Pelindung
Lapisan Pelindung (sudah diaplikasikan)
Bonus------Tongsis, I-ring, Headset Bluetooth, SanDisk Micro SD
Packing lebih aman dengan menggunakan bubble wrap dan dus (free)
3 days ago · Fairfield, United States of America
Why Adopt Fingerprint Based Home Security?

Before we dive into it, let’s get to know what’s the biometric technology?

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. The biometric technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. Which includes fingerprint, iris, palm, and face recognition many surveillance and security devices like Fingerprint Based Home Security which we gonna talk about is contained in it.

And It is a boon as it overcomes the problems of previous security systems as well as provides a very high level of recognition accuracy. The skin on our fingers exhibits a flow like a pattern known as friction ridges. The patterns of these ridges on each finger are unique and immutable and this is what makes fingerprint a unique form of identification for each individual. The presence of fingerprint-based security systems can be seen in many situations of our day-to-day lives. These systems have been deployed in various places such as offices, industries, and schools and more recently in home security.

Introduction of Fingerprint-Based Home Security

For a very long time, the most common way of protecting our homes and belongings was to use the lock and key systems. In today’s busy and competitive world, security is a huge concern and individuals are constantly looking for reliable ways to ensure the safety of their physical as well as logical assets.

The security protocol followed was to have a single key for a single lock. However, it is not difficult to make multiple keys for a single lock and hence this system is outdated and cannot guarantee security. The next level of security is provided by more modern systems that use a password or PIN as an authenticating tool. In such systems, the password of authenticated users is stored for the purpose of validation which provides substantial safety as it acts as a secret code for the authorized users. But this system also has a pitfall as unauthorized users can hack passwords by continuously trying all possible combinations using some sophisticated techniques.

Biometric-based home security systems compare to traditional technologies

The primary, as well as the most obvious benefit of this technology as compared to the conventional home security systems such as keys or passwords, is that it is inherently linked to the homeowner and therefore is much more difficult to compromise through theft, collusion or loss.

The common perception that the incorporation of biometrics in home security systems will result in an expensive and sophisticated affair is, in fact, a myth. However, the opposite is true.

Integrating biometrics into security systems is not costly and homeowners can affordably and easily use this technology to secure their property from theft and intruders. As a result, more and more individuals are starting to use this technology because it is convenient and inexpensive. Therefore we can say that home security systems become less complicated with the integration of this technology. Homeowners enjoy the convenience that biometric technology brings to them, as they do not need to remember any passwords or their home keys. Fingerprints also can neither be shared nor lost.

While the traditional lock and key systems always bring the hassle cases where the owner forgets or loses his key are not unheard of. The owner and his family members might have to remain locked out of their own house while they are waiting for a professional locksmith to unlock their door. In addition to the inconvenience, the owner will also need to spend an exorbitant amount to have a locksmith unlock the door and then get the door lock replaced. This won’t happen if you adopt Fingerprint door locks which are the perfect solution for homeowners. Although this might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, this technology is becoming more common and various fingerprint scan locks are now readily available.

The reasons for adopting fingerprint home security systems
All of the above was talking about the features and the compare with the traditional technology. We’ve conclusively found reasons for you, why should you adopt fingerprint home security systems? In addition to these, there are numerous benefits of installing such a mechanism. Let us look at a few top reasons that are discussed below.

Key-less door lock

One of the primary reasons for adopting this system is that it completely eliminates the need for any key to operate door locks. This is a huge benefit for most people and especially those who are in the habit of misplacing or forgetting their keys. With this type of door lock, a big responsibility is removed from the user’s shoulder as keeping the key securely is a must for every homeowner. There always comes a time when someone loses a key no matter how careful they have been to keep all things in one place.
4 days ago · Fairfield, United States of America
Fingerprint Recognition or Facial Recognition? Biometric Modalities Face to Face

Today, biometric applications are used across industries, institutions, and government establishments. In many business outfits, it is very crucial for the continuity of business operations that biometric systems keep functioning tirelessly. In institutions like hospitals and blood transfusion units, where precise recognition of patients and blood/organ donors can be crucial, biometrics eliminates the possibility of human errors and expedite overall healthcare operations by streamlining patient identification practice.

Fingerprint Recognition or Facial Recognition?

Biometrics Definition
Biometrics technology makes use of unique physiological and behavioral patterns of the human body. These patterns are formed randomly owing to different biological and environmental reasons. Randomness and complexity of details make these patterns good enough to be considered as unique. These biological or behavioral characteristics can be as obvious as facial structure or voice, which can even be recognized by human senses, or as unapparent as DNA sequence of vascular structure, which require special equipment and process for identification of an individual.

Despite the sizable difference in different biometric traits, they serve a common purpose: making personal identification possible with biometrics. Biometrics technology makes use of statistical, mathematical, imaging and computing techniques to uniquely map these patterns for an individual. These patterns are first captured by imaging or scanning and then taken through specialized algorithms to generate a biometric template, which is unique to the individual.

This article is talking about biometric technology and how it's applied in our daily life, check it out, you'll get a definition about the biometric.

Biometric modalities
A biometric modality is the type of human trail that a biometric system accepts as input. There are many biological and behavioral patterns in human beings that biometrics can leverage to identify them individually. Biometric modalities can be classified largely in three categories: Physiological, Behavioral and a combination of these two.

Physiological modalities
These modalities are related to the shape and size of the body, we can see many of the applications using this modality like fingerprint smart lock, facial recognition employee time attendance, POS, etc.

behavioral modalities
These modalities pertain to the human behavior which is expected to be consistent over time, for example, signatures, typing rhythm, gait (the way an individual walks). Behavioral patterns of a person develop over time and are believed to remain unchanged during the lifetime. These behavioral patterns can be measured and used to identify the individual. The most-seen application is the security inspections, the automatical entrance, etc.

Combination of physiological and behavioral modalities
These modalities depend on physiology as well as human behavior, for example, voice, for example, the Video Surveillance.

Choosing a biometric modality
Deploying a biometric modality depends on recognition application it is going to be used with, for example: for low-security door access, fingerprint-based access does the job, however, for logical access to a high-security network server, the user might have to authenticate with fingerprints as well as his or her voice print. Biometric technology application can be implemented using one (unimodal) or more than one (multimodal) approach that makes use of single or multiple biometric modalities respectively. In many online and mobile services, for example, app-based mobile banking or financial services application, a relatively newer approach is used called continuous authentication.

This approach comes out of the logic that a user should be monitored to make sure that the device or application is being used by the genuine user throughout the session. User activity can be tracked by usage pattern monitoring and hardware/sensor data to make sure that the device is in the right hands. Once a user passes the verification barrier, there is no way to make sure that it is the same user throughout the session. Continuous authentication solves this problem by leveraging behavioral biometrics that creates a unique user profile depending on usage patterns and device data, user’s authentication state can be tracked throughout the session with his unique user profile and access can deny in the middle of a session if any abnormalities are detected.

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7 days ago · Fairfield, United States of America
How A “Smart Door Lock” Can Keep My Children Safe?

Summer Holiday 2019 is about to come. Being a father, I question myself as to how a “Smart Door Lock” can keep my children safe?

Many friends probably don't know what's a smart lock? What's the first thing comes into your minds when I mention it, please comment below.

I want to tell you mine, I unconditionally think it's just controlled by our phone with the smart key app, it's convenient for us to unlock the door especially when we're in tearing hurry, we needn't search for the key in the huge bag.

Actually, apart from using the app to unlock the door, we can also open the door with the biometric technology - fingerprint, iris, palm, and face recognition applying in many surveillance and security devices, so that it performs more safely.

Many smart locks on marketing also support unlocking with the cards, key, password in case of the emergency.

Why should parents adopt the Smart Door Lock?
Especially parents are worried when it comes to the safety and security of their children being alone at home. Some may not trust their home with this Smart Home Technology.

As a member of the smart home system, the smart lock is remote access.
No home is safe with the growing number of intrusions, burglaries, and solicitations, even though the doors and all the entry points are secured. As a member of the smart home system, the smart lock is remote access, you will be able to lock or unlock your doors even when you are not at home. If your kids are left behind at home, you will be able to have peace of mind that all doors are locked even when your kids forget to do so.

Your child won’t be able to unlock the door unless you allow it on the system.
As kids grow up, they become curious and adventurous as they leave the house. With traditional lock systems, your child can easily step out of the door without your knowledge. But with smart locks, your child won’t be able to unlock the door unless you allow it on the system.

It's inevitable to leave your kids alone on the front of the door.
Once after school activities start, no one gets home at the same time, especially if you have more than one child. When you have people coming in and out of your house at all hours of the day, a smart lock is your best friend. The Smart Lock can hold access codes, so everyone in the family can have their own code to the front door. and use the Smart Key app to unlock or lock the door even when you're not at home. Then, if there is ever a time that someone is picking your child up, or gets home before you do, you can let them in with your smartphone.

Smart Door Lock Keeps Children Safe
Choose the right Smart Lock for your children
Smart Locking has revolutionized the traditional lock system with its sophisticated and reliable features.

ZKTeco adapts technology like a biometric fingerprint, smart cards, passcode, and facial recognition to enhance their smart door lock capabilities. Unlike traditional locking system, this smart technology is hard to manipulate.

ZKTeco AL40B Smart Key has the 5 functions together - biometric fingerprint, card, passcode, app, key. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere and give secure digital keys to guests, all from your phone. The security of our homes lays literally in our hands rather our fingertips now with these systems.

The feature that is available with our Smart Door Locks is by far most modern and secured.

A 24/7 activity log tracks who enters and exits your home. With unique keys for each user, you can identify who comes in and out or your abode. World's First 4-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock with Code + Smartphone + Fingerprint + KeyCreate a password for your nannies, dog walkers, or visitors via your smartphone. Lockout Mode will allow only the administrator to open the door, and the Lockout Switch to enable or disable the mode. Bluetooth enabled lock will allow authorized users phone to unlock the door. Combine effortlessly with smart-home platforms, so homeowners can control their smart devices from the app.

I do see how Smart Home Technology is and will play a pivotal role in families with children.

Want to know more about several other Smart Home and Office products, visit our store at
May 27 · Napoli, Italy
Before reviewing the product, i want to point out that this review is the result of my personal experience and taste. Every form of critique directed to the product should not be taken as an extremely objective statement and should not break your deal, unless it is specifically told otherwise.

The Blitzwolf 20W portable speaker comes in a smooth metal body at the weight of 0.75kg and contains 2 10W 45mm drivers for a stereo sound audio reproduction. The product has build in microphone and 4.0 bluetooth connection. The battery is 5200mah.

Sound quality
When it comes to music quality, i rate this product 7/10. The sound is clear enough, the volume is loud(not the loudest) but it has just a little bit of distorsion in higher volume profiles, nothing drastic.
Concerning audio quality, a critical issue of this product is it cannot reproduce very low bass range ( you'll hear a little bit of distorsion and the drivers' physical vibration). It works pretty nice on mids, but then again, when you go up to the upper side of treble, it will have a hard time balancing the sound. Still, it works good and you can listen to your music without problems.

Bluetooth Connectivity Quality
For the connectivity quality you should keep in mind the product is not made for an extremely long range: bluetooth 4.0 guarantees stable bluetooth connection, even in a 10 meters distance, but when you have obstacles, people or walls between the speaker and the device it is connected to, the range will be much shorter, and it could cause small stutters and short connection losses if you get too far away.

Call and micrphone Quality
You can use this product for calls ( for example for group phone calls or other wi fi based calls) as it has a build-in mic. For my experience the sound is loud enough and clear in calls, but the mic sound is a bit muffled, so people won't be able to hear you very clearly. If that's the use you're going to buy this product for, then i suggest to try something else.

Battery life and ergonomics
The built in battery is a 5200mah li-ion cell, it does sustain many hours of playback, but the precise duration is up to the use you make of the product, the volume and the type of music you listen to. Generally speaking it can last at least 5 hours of playback at high volume with many different song types. ergonomy wise, the product is meant to be placed on a surface and not for hand transport : its shape, its weight, the absence of a belt hook or a hole in the speaker body to place a tie make this product suited for a static and stable use, more than a ''on the go'' use.

final overview:
if you can find this product for around 30-40 USD, and you need a product you can move around in your house, or to bring at someone's place, then it can be a good choice as it has acceptable clear and loud sound ( even if not suited for audiophiles), but keep in mind it is not waterproof nor dustproof, so watch out if you're going near pools or beaches. At the end of the day, it depends on the use you're going to do with it.
Hope you find this review helpful.
May 15 · China
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