On the runway of the early fall 2019 collection, fashion brands erased the boundaries and showed us countless possibilities of "fusion", creating the most unexpected surprise with the most contradictory collision. Next, let's take a look at some classic early fall fashion shows!


The Most Anticipated Fashion Show of 2019 Photo 1                                           

Valentino's early autumn 2019 collection, once again inspired by Japan, is still performing well. Pierpaolo Piccioli combines the brand's signature red, lace and floral patterns with the philosophy of wabi-sabi, and these cuts seem to have a light and fragile look that fits well with the transience and imperfection of wabi-sabi.


The Most Anticipated Fashion Show of 2019 Photo 2

Leaving the man-made beaches of the grand palais in Paris, Chanel incorporated ancient Egyptian culture into fashion and brought it into the temple of dando of the metropolitan museum of art in New York. In addition to the exaggerated hats and beadwork that can be traced back to the roots of the show, the wide-brimmed boots, embroidery and the classic tweed were all dyed in Egyptian gold, much like the tight skirts of Kalasiris.

Coach 1941

The Most Anticipated Fashion Show of 2019 Photo 3

When Asian power becomes the main force of fashion consumption, how to keep brand history while catering to market changes? Coach 1941, chanting "light up the magic city," delivered a good response. This season's outfits continue to put the practicality of clothes first, while putting street fashion to good use. In the show, vintage leather clothes and suits, knitwear with matching colors, floral dresses and bright fur coats appeared one after another, as if telling the story of fashion people who attended Disco wine party restoring ancient ways decades ago.


The Most Anticipated Fashion Show of 2019 Photo 4

Versace's early fall 2019 collection proves once again that extravagant prints can blend into a modern metropolis, and classic animal prints can continue to lead the trend in the New Year. Golden pins are used repeatedly, and different texture prints are superimposed and spliced together. These elements pay tribute to the classic but also seem to tell women to be "unlimited" and make wild. Even the luggage in the hands of models seems to express the spirit of freedom.

Dior Men

The Most Anticipated Fashion Show of 2019 Photo 5

Dior Men gives us the sexiest guess about the future technology world. With his wild imagination, Kim Jones moved to Tokyo and asked him to set up a silver robot at the center of the show. But the show's stunning decor didn't steal the show: printed silk blouses, laser and metallic colors, high-tech fabrics, cropped suits and silver saddle bags... With its ubiquitous sports elements and Japanese mix-and-match style, what could be better suited to a future boy?


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