Reolink, focusing on full-range cameras for every family, is devoted to delivering security cameras, baby monitors, pet cams, sport cams, and other camera solution for peace of mind and entertainment.

2009:   Reolink started up.Founder is Huawei's R&D and product elite.

2011:Focus on OEM for security products. Markets: US, AU and EU

2015:Start Reolink brand and B2C sales.

2017:Improved from Reolink Argus, funded over $1,000,000 within 30 days in 2017

2018:Reolink Argus 2 comes,works with rechargeable battery and solar panel with non-stop power charging to solve the battery life problem. Its 3G/4G Network camera Reolink GO is on the way. Cloud service is going to be online.

At ValueQ, we reviewed 3 Reolink’s security products namely, Argus 2, RLC-410, and RLC-410W about  its packaging, settings, function and app. experience.

In this article we reviewed the affordable RLC-410W Wifi camera from Reolink. Also, check out the review of Argus 2 and RLC-410.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 1Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 2

What’s Good?

We already reviewed Argus 2 and RLC-410 5MP security cameras from Reolink and we found that both of them have great value-for-money features. Reolink RLC-410W is also not an exception here. It packs all features of its brothers like

·       Wireless connectivity-for hassle free setup and Dual band  WiFi support

·       IR LEDs-clear night vision with 18 IR LEDs,

·       IP66 rating-weatherproofing to protect the camera from rain, snow and dust,

·       Portable-compact but sturdy design which makes it easy to store and use the camera.

·       5MP Sensor-the 5MP sensor is capable of recording clear high definition footage

·       Storage-With the Micro SD card (not included in the box) storing videos locally becomes easy

·      Real-time Notifications-Get instant notification on Email, push notification etc when the camera detects any motion in the field of view

What’s Not That Good?

·       SD card Storage: SD card can only max support 64GB, but with SD card, the camera can just do motion detection record, usually the 16GB is enough.

·       Takes time between switching camera modes-The camera is that it takes around 4 seconds to switch from Day to Night mode which is not really an issue, however, it happened so I mentioned it here.  

·       Slightly Different App-The App end on the user guide is not the same as the one we downloaded from app store, which is a little confusing.

·       Cloud Service:Now it’s not available, but it was said that will be released in Oct.


Well for starters, the packaging of the Reolink RLC-410W is of much higher quality when compared to the 410 version. The brown cardboard box is replaced by decent quality blue and white box.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 3Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 4Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 5

Removing the tape and opening up the box reveals the following stuff

  • RLC-410W

  • 2 x Antenna

  • 1m Network Cable

  • Power Adapter

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Surveillance Card

  • Mounting Screws

  • Wrench

  • Screw Driver

  • Mounting Hole Template

  • 4.5m Power Extension Cable

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 6

While all the required and necessary stuff comes right in the box, the Screwdriver and the Wrench feels a nice gesture for properly mounting the camera by Reolink. Overall, the packaging quality of the RLC-410W model is quite an improvement over the 410 model.  

Design and Build Quality

Honestly, the Reolink RLC-410W looks very similar to the 410 variant. Although, there are two removable antennas on the back for wireless connectivity which are completely removable. The camera has a very generic security camera design, however, it is compact compared to most of them. There is only a white color option available which is OKAY as no one wants a colorful security camera which attracts too much attention.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 7The RLC-410W has a solid aluminum body which is capable of resisting decent impacts. Also, it comes with an IP66 weatherproof rating which means that the camera is capable of working during rain, storm, snow etc without any issues. The working temperature range of the camera is -10℃~+55℃(14°F~131°F). Talking about the size and weight, the overall dimensions of the camera are 67 x 186 mm and weighs around 350 grams.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 8

On the front, there is a 5MP sensor to record or stream high quality security footage. Surrounding the camera sensor are the 18 IR LEDs which rare used of night-time surveillance. Moving to the rear side, there is an SD card slot which can be used for memory expansion allowing the camera to store video footage locally. There are two mounting screws on either side of the SD slot which are used to help the wireless antennas in position.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 9

There is a wire attached to the camera which has 3 Ports-Ethernet, Reset and Power.

Overall, the build quality of the RLC-410W is very solid which makes it a perfect security companion in any situation.

Setting Up

Reolink RLC-410W is one of the few cameras which I found really easy to set up. All you need to do is attach the antennas to the camera using the screws which can be found at the back of the camera. Next, you need to download the camera application for which you have to scan the QR code given in the User Guide. The application and setup procedure is very similar to the Argus 2 and RLC-410 we have post.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 10

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 11

After downloading the app, you need to create an account. For better security, we recommend you to use a strong password.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 12

In our case, we name it ValueQ and disabled the DST settings.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 13

If you choose to enable DST, set up the camera as follows

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 14

Since the RLC-410W supports wireless connectivity, you can now switch from wired connection to wireless connection by going through the WiFi settings. You have to set-up the Wi-Fi settings only ones.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 15Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 16That’s it. You can now perfectly watch the video footage without any wire connected to the camera.


Reolink RLC-410W is loaded with best-in-class features like Remote viewing, Wireless connectivity, motion detection etc which makes it a truly value-for-money security camera. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the camera.

Wireless Connectivity

Reolink RLC-410W allows you to be free from the hassle of multiple wires. Using the two detachable antennas at the back, the camera is able to connect with Wifi allowing the video stream to be transferred wirelessly. Also, it is one of the first security cameras in the world to support Dual Band 2.4GHz or 5GHz WIFi connection.

The camera uses 2T2R MIMO antennas which is capable of providing strong wireless connectivity even at a range of 164 feets (in open areas)

Motion Detection and Alerts

With real-time motion detection, you can easily get to know what is going around. The camera is capable of detecting motion and send you alert. The alert can be either mail, push notification or FTP depending upon which option you set-up. Also, you can also set-up motion detection for a particular time and you also select the region in which you want the motion to be detected just by selecting the areas in the desktop client. It can automatically trigger video recording and stores on the Micro SD card (which is not included in the package). You can also stream live footage which you can record or take a snapshot on your smartphone or desktop.

Local Storage

For storing videos or snapshot, RLC-410W support local storage through the Micro SD card slot.Using the MicroSD card, you will not miss any suspicious activity. The camera support a MicroSD card up to 64GB.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 17

Based on the camera bitrate by default (3072 kbps), below are the motion events Micro SD cards of different sizes can record:

Also, in-order to keep recording 24x7, you have to buy a Reolink NVR but it can be a bit costly.

Audio and Video Quality

Reolink RLC-410W comes with a 1/2.7" 5MP CMOS Sensor which has a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels. The camera has an 80-degree horizontal and 58-degree vertical field of view.

During the day, the 5MP sensor records clear footage with negligible noise. The subject in the footage can be seen clearly and there is no over-exposure in the video whatsoever. Recognizing a person’s face in the video is pretty easy because of the high quality video footage.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 18

Reolink RLC-410W camera has a very good night image quality. With 18 IR LEDs lights and infrared radiation for 24-hour vigilance it can see any suspicious activity even in the pitch dark environment. The camera night vision range is up to 100 feet in the dark which is pretty great for night time security. Talking about the night quality, it pretty great actually as the area and the subject are visible properly. Although, noise can be seen in night time videos but that is pretty common and even the high-end cameras suffer with this issue.

Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 19

Talking about the audio quality, the camera does come with an internal mic but the quality is just decent. Often little amount of noise can be heard in the videos which is not a big issue but it’s there.

Why should you buy RLC-410W?

Reolink RLC-410W overcomes the only issue with the 410 version which was the ability to support wireless connectivity. Not only that, it supports Dual-band Wi-FI 2.4GHz or 5GHz connectivity which makes it world’s first security camera to do so. Also, it comes with all the features too which it brother has like 5MP high resolution camera, IP66 weatherproofing, motion detection and on-demand recording, Micro SD card support, sturdy and company aluminium body, and 18 IR LEDs for night time video recording.

The camera is capable of recording or streaming high quality video footage which is very necessary for a security camera. Even the night time video footage contains a good amount of detail.

  • Reolink RLC-410W Security Camera Review Photo 20
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